Logrono-Najera Day 8

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The next morning, I woke up and recalled a very vivid dream from the night before.  I had a dream that I had emailed my dad a couple of times and through our conversation, he had told me that he was coming to get me and to stay put.  After I supposedly emailed dad and was waiting for him, I felt a sense of relief that the trip was coming to an end and I could finally relax.  He speaks no spanish, and hates any style of food that isn’t southern or italian.  It was kinda comical to think about him navigating his way through Spain to Logrono to help me.  Not exactly the weirdest dream I’ve had by far, but a little random.  Anyways, the dream felt so real that I had to check my emails to make sure it didn’t happen.  I was so relieved that it really was just a dream.  It would have been easy to give up because of the food poisoning, but it was definitely a better choice to suck it up and finish the trail.

After spending almost an entire day in bed yesterday, I felt well-rested and ready to tackle the trail again.  Mel still wasn’t feeling up to hiking quite yet, so she decided to bus ahead and take advantage of another day of rest.  It was a good thing she bused ahead because the hike wouldn’t have been much easier even if I was at 100%.  There was a headwind blowing so hard that it made it difficult to stay positive and keep moving forward for the 30 some odd km!

Thankfully, Mel had picked out and awesome albergue for us to stay in, La Puerta. It’s towards the edge of town, but it’s not in the John Brierley guidebook. It’s right across the river in the old part of town. It felt like a B&B and the host was amazing.  Once again, I spent most of the rest of the day in bed to rest and regain strength from the days hike and especially from the food poisoning.

After settling in for a while, we all decided to go grab a bite.  After deciding on a little place next to the river, Mel and I went to work looking over the menu for something we thought our stomachs could keep inside long enough to give us a little nourishment.  Pasta was the dish, just plain old noodles, and we grabbed a lot of bread too.  That was pretty much what our meals were for the next few days.  If this does happen to you, the best things you can eat are bread, and pasta (plain) ad bananas.  The worst thing you can do is eat anything that will pass through your system fast, like most fruits and veggies.  I also stuck pretty much to water for the next few days instead of having a beer or wine.

Staying a La Puerta was probably one of the things that attributed to helping me feel better.  The host made sure to give Mel, Dom, Caroline, and I rooms near the bathrooms for easy (and frequent) access.  It helped to have so many friends staying in the same place as well, didn’t feel nervous about always knowing were our possessions were, I felt safe.  It was kinda like camp, but you could do whatever you wanted.  I heard other pilgrims give similar reviews of this place later down the road and every person said they would stay there again. Full kitchen, laundry service, and Wi-Fi. There were several nearby bars/restaurants as well. It didn’t get too much better than this, but oh how it did later on down the road.

Destination: Najera

Distance: 30.1 km

Accommodation: La Puerta- This place is towards the end of town, just on the other side of the river in the old part of town.  Wi-Fi, kitchen, good sleeping quarters (some as few as 4 to a room!).  This place had all the charm of a B&B.  I would most certainly stay here again!

Sorry again, no photos from this day.  I still wasn’t in the mood to look at the beautiful scenery as I was concentrating harder on trying to make it through the day without hurling again.


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