Najera-Santo Domingo Day 9

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There’s not much to say for the hike on this day.  Wake up early, pack up your gear, and hit  the trail for x number of hours.  Hiking on the second day after food poisoing was a little easier.  Only about 21 km that day.  The only thing to mention of note was this town called Ciruena.  Just before entering town was a very nice golf course and a large steep hill leading up to the entrance of the town.  Upon reaching the entrance of town, there was a rest area with some benches and a fence around the golf course.  On the fence was a peculiar sign which read “Prohibido Defecar!”, meaning “Don’t Shit.”  I wasn’t really thinking about doing that in such an open place, but just because there was a sign there, I kinda felt the urge to.

We entered into to checked into our Albergue and just chilled for the rest of the day pretty much. Mel and Dom took naps while Caroline and I hung out around the room. I was kinda in a bum mood since I hadn’t been able to eat solid foods or been able to not use the restroom every 1/2 hour. Caroline came over to my bunk to chat for a bit, I guess I looked like I needed some cheering up.  I did, I hadn’t had a cigarette or coffee in 2 days.  Eventually this little boy came up to the both of us and just starting talking about anything and everything. His name was Xavier (pronounced Shavier). He was 8 years old and was hiking with his mom along the Camino for her 50th birthday, I think. He told us about his family, his trip, his mom, and hung around for a good hour. He was officially the youngest pilgrim I had run into on the camino, and he was loving every minute of it. Caroline and I shared our experiences on the trail, where we were from, and why we were doing the Camino and we sat and talked with this 8 year old boy for a solid hour. With just that one conversation, I was in a better mood.

Pretty soon after Xavier left, Caroline, Mel, and Dom went to an early dinner while I stayed behind and took a nap. I was more tired than I thought and slept for about 2 or 3 hours. By the time I woke up, Dom, Caroline, and Mel were coming back from dinner, so I decided that I’d better go get something to eat before it got too late. I went to a bar down the street which advertised a pilgrim menu at a decent price and joined a Brit named Charlie, and another American (whose name I can’t remember). Again, having conversations with strangers who shared a common ground (walking the Camino) put me in an even better mood. And, I was eating a little pasta for the first time in days! Next step, solid foods.

After the uplifting dinner, I went back to the albergue, and went to bed for the night and slept through the entire night! That was the first time since I’d gotten food poisoning that I’d slept through an entire night without getting up and rushing to the bathroom or waking up from someone’s snoring. I know I’ve said this is several other posts, but thank God for sleeping pills.

Destination: Santo Domingo

Distance: 21 km

Accommodation: Casa del Santo Albergue- The albergue was unique because it operated on pilgrim donations solely, no set price. Something else unique was the guru physician that helped fix peoples feet (blisters, and busted toenails) and gave them advice about how to avoid further foot problems. The sleeping arrangements had about 50 people to a room, but the restrooms and full kitchen were great.


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