Fromista-Carrion de los Condes Day 17

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Hiking on the trail today was a little too chilly for wearing chacos, so I stuck to my boots. I was feeling a little homesick today, so I decided to hike by myself for the majority of the day. I tried staying far enough in front of Dom and Caroline that I could have some alone time, but not so far ahead that I lost them. I actually ended up losing them for the last 5 km or so of the hike. I didn’t have a problem getting lost this time because all I had to do was stay in a straight line on the sidewalk next to the road and follow the many pilgrims around me. Once I arrived in Carrion, I sent a text to Caroline that I was in town and to let me know when she and Dom got there. I settled into Bar Espana for a little bit a grabbed a bite to eat while I waited. I couldn’t seem to eat enough food to fill me up lately. Since I was homesick I ordered a Four Roses whiskey, made back home in the U.S. to relax (it was past 12, don’t judge, I was on vacation).

About an hour or so later, I got a message back from Caroline telling me where they were. They’d found a nice albergue called the Santa Clara Convent located near the entrance into town. We opted to do the private room (only 2 more Euros, 10 total) meaning we would have a room with just the 3 of us, something we hadn’t had since Burgos. There was no kitchen, no laundry service but you could wash it by hand in the small courtyard, and there was no Wi-Fi (wee-fee as the spanish pronounced it). But…we had a room just to the 3 of us. The beds were super comfortable to! About 5 minutes walk away was Bar Espana, where you could not only grab a bite to eat, it also served as a bus stop where a bus could tak you to the next town if you’re looking to take a break the next day. Parallel to Bar Espana is another outdoor store where you can purchase clothing or boots.  I was interested in going to the outdoor store to look for a pair of shorts since I had accidentally forgotten them in Castrojeriz when I was packing my pack by headlamp.  Oops.  Not a huge deal, but they served as my lounging shorts and they gave me something else to where when all my clothes went to the laundry.
After we’d settled into the albergue, I laid down and was out for a solid hour just because I was so tired. It surprised me how long I was out because I usually hate taking naps. After I woke up, the 3 of us huddled around Caroline’s iPad mini and watched a couple of episodes of Law and Order to just chill and and enjoy the afternoon while staying off our feet. I know, we were sitting there watching a tv show on an iPad, but the windows were open, there was a nice breeze, and every half hour you could hear the church bells ringing letting you know what time it is. And another thing, I absolutely loved how you could always know what time it was because you were almost always close enough to a church to hear how many times the bells chimed (I may have already mentioned that, but who cares. If this was a repeat, it adds emphasis).
After a little dinner, Dom and Caroline opted to go to mass while I stayed behind a grabbed a drink at Bar Espana. It was a nice slow day, and I was really looking forward to getting a good nights rest.

Destination: Carrion de los Condes

Distance: 20.5 km

Accomodation: Santa Clara Convent- You can have a private room for 12 euros or just the standard room for 10.  Wasn’t really a kitchen, just a microwave and a toaster, but there were places to eat nearby.  No loaundry, but there was a place to hand wash your clothes and hang dry them.  No wi-fi, but nearby restaurants let you use theirs as long as you buy something.  It stayed a little cold for my taste, but I had a roof over my head and a warm bed.  Not a bad place to stay.


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