Mato Casanova-Arzua Day 27

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The hike to Arzua showed me more miserable weather.  I don’t recall a lot from this day, and by that I mean I didn’t write much about the hike this day.  The main thing I do remember is having a problem checking into an albergue once Nick and I got to Arzua.  Again, we decided to go just a little farther than the guidebook recommended because we were anxious to get to Santiago.  The first albergue we tried to check into, the host was nowhere to be found, and there were about 10 of us standing around waiting to get a bed.  Nick and I got tired of standing around, so we went to a nearby pub and grabbed a beer and some tapas while we were waiting.

I do remember one detail about this day.  When Nick and I went to the bar to wait for someone to show up at the albergue, Nick asked me a question, “Are you okay?”  When I asked him why he would ask that he said, “because you look like someone just shot your dog.”  I guess leaving my friends I’d known for the last 3 weeks had taken its toll on me.  I tend to be the kind of person that doesn’t like hanging out by myself, so starting over and meeting new people had been hard for me.  That’s actually one of the reasons why I take trips like this, to force myself into situations that help me grow and make myself a better person.

After about an hour of waiting, we eventually gave up, as did everyone else, and we all went to another nearby albergue, the Via Lactea Private albergue.  It was still a bunk bed style setting, but there were only 10 beds to a room.  They also had a laundry service, full kitchen and outdoor patio where you could relax or do your laundry by hand. We did the usual once you check into an albergue: laundry, eat a  snack, meet other pilgrims hang out, and take a nap.  Nick took his nap to an extreme and went to sleep at around 7 that night and didn’t get up till late the next morning!  The hospitalero recommended a nearby place to grab a quick dinner and that was it for my evening.  I was so exhausted from hiking through cold damp weather for the day.

2 days till I walk into Santiago…

Destination: Arzua

Distance:  22 km

Accommodation: Via Lactea Private Albergue- Relatively  cheap for a private albergue, but not as private as I had encountered either.  About 10 bunk beds per room, kitchen, laundry service, and a good back patio.  I’d definitely stay here again.

(Long day, no pics)


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