Arzua-O Pedrouzo Day 28

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Apparently, I didn’t think much about this day either (much like the day before), because I didn’t write much about this day, lol.  Nick and I decided we’d meet up at O Pedrouzo at the end of the day, so we left the albergue at different times.  After hiking for a bit that morning, I stopped at a roadside cafe, which was a little odd.  There was no waiter or waitress.  Just a large cart filled with breakfast foods, hot coffee, and hot teas to choose from with a sign that read “Pilgrim’s breakfast, donations much appreciated.” I had seen these periodically throughout the trail but it was always just a really cool concept to me that someone would just put out a bunch of food and drinks for strangers and only receive donations for their service.  After sitting for a while and talking to some pilgrims I honed in on one girl that looked really familiar. Come to find out that we’d actually continually run into each other and stayed at several of the same places throughout the trail and never once had either of us said a word to each other!  Funny stuff.

Our whole group sitting there for breakfast pretty much stuck together for the rest of the hike for the day, which wasn’t very far since we’d hiked a little further for the past 2 days.  We ran into Nick near the entrance to O Pedrouzo and proceeded to hunt for an albergue for the evening.  We settled on Porta de Santiago, a private hostel on the main strip.  Once inside, there was actually a small tree growing in the middle of the hostel which was encased in glass and open all the way to the rooftop.  I got a bunk right next to it so I could be there for the sunrise.  This place was great!  It was only 10 euros and you got washing machines on the top floor which opens up to a rooftop courtyard, and wi-fi was available throughout the albergue.  The albergue had a very modern look and feel to it.  Unfortunately, the clean modern look did not stop some larger gentlemen from strutting around in their underwear.

That evening, I joined some of my new friends for some dinner and celebratory drinks to the end of our journey.  There were plenty of places to choose from, but it didn’t matter how good or bad the food was, the following day, we were all going to complete a journey that had taken it’s toll on all of us; spiritually, physically and mentally.  But, it was all worth it.

Destination: O Pedrouzo

Distance: 19.1 km

Accommodation: Porta de Santiago- Like I said above, good beds, laundry, wi-fi, and good bathrooms.  What more could you ask for on this kind of journey?  There were also plenty of places to eat nearby with pilgrim menus.  Cool little town.

Sorry, no pictures again, but…

I highly recommend watching the video.


2 thoughts on “Arzua-O Pedrouzo Day 28

    Nadine said:
    March 4, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    Your descriptions of the albergues and the places you’ve stayed are so helpful- this one seems great. And I’ve loved reading about your Camino- I can’t wait to hear about your experience of walking into Santiago!

    dwgarmon responded:
    March 4, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    Thanks! It’s been great revisiting the entire journey again by writing this blog. I’m excited for you to experience the Camino as well!

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